Penn Engineering Student Choice Faculty Awards

The faculty recipients of the annual Penn Engineering Student Choice Awards are selected directly by Penn Engineering students after thoughtful consideration. The School is filled with gifted educators who inspire students with their dedication and excellence.

The S. Reid Warren, Jr. Award

The S. Reid Warren Jr. Award, presented annually to a member of the Penn Engineering Faculty by the undergraduate student body and the Engineering Alumni Society, recognizes outstanding service in stimulating and guiding the intellectual and professional development of undergraduate students.

2023: Peter Davies
Deep Jariwala
Eric Detsi
2020: Liang Feng
2019: Igor Bargatin
2018: Santosh Venkatesh
Daeyeon Lee
2016: Brian Chow
Cherie Kagan
David Issadore
2013: Wen Shieh
2012: Alejandro Ribeiro
2011: Matthew Lazzara
2010: Sanjeev Khanna
2009: Rob Ghrist
2008: Peter Davies
2007: John Schotland
2006: Leif Finkel
2005: Peter Davies
2004: John Keenan
2003: Tom Cassel
2002: Nader Engheta
2001: William Graham
2000: David Pope

Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising

The Ford Motor Company Award for Faculty Advising is presented annually by the undergraduate student body in recognition of faculty dedication in helping students realize their educational, career and personal goals.

2023: Arvind Bhusnurmath
 Chris Callison-Burch
2021: Chris Callison-Burch
2020: Paris Perdikaris
2019: David Meaney
2018: Lee Bassett
David Pope
Andreas Haeberlen
2015: Paulo Arratia
2014: Russ Composto
2013: Beth Winkelstein
2012: Jan Van der Spiegel
2011: Gershon Buchsbaum
2010: Katherine Kuchenbecker
2009: Susan Margulies
2008: Leif Finkel
2007: Tom Cassel
2006: Steven Nicoll & Beth Winkelstein
2005: Sampath Kannan
2004: William Graham
2003: John Keenan
2002: James Ostrowski
2001: Kostas Daniilidis
2000: Max Mintz

Student Advocacy Award

New in 2023, the Student Advocacy Award is presented by the Underrepresented Student Advisory Board in Engineering in recognition of outstanding commitment to women and underrepresented student advocacy, equity, and inclusion.

2023: Brittany Shields

Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award

New in 2023, the Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award is presented by the undergraduate student body and the Engineering Alumni Society in recognition of outstanding research mentorship of undergraduate students at the School of Engineering and Applied Science. This award recognizes the fostering of creativity and independent thought through all facets of academic research which embody the University’s missions for inquiry and discovery.

2023: Deep Jariwala

Hatfield Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Lecturer and Practice Professor Track

The Hatfield Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Lecturer and Practice Professor Track is presented annually a full-time lecturer, senior lecturer or practice professor in Penn Engineering by the undergraduate student body. This award recognizes outstanding teaching ability, dedication to innovative undergraduate instruction, and exemplary service to the School in consistently inspiring students in the engineering and scientific profession.

2023: Mahadevan Khantha
James Won
2021: Bruce Kothmann
2020: Tania Khanna
2019: Swapneel Sheth
2018: Arvind Bhusnurmath
Mahadevan Khantha
Graham Wabiszewski
LeAnne Dourte
Tom Farmer
2013: Jeff Babin
2012: Jonathan Fiene
2011: Michael Rizk
2010: Bruce Kothmann